Have fun with photo communications



OhMyPic Overview




OhMyPic Photo Tagger is an iPhone app that let you quickly attach tags (text labels, watermarks) anywhere on your photos. With a touch on the screen, you can attach the names of your friends (on Facebook or Twitter), any texts or messages to the photo before sharing it


Avaiable on the App Store(FREE)

Enjoy your photos in more interesting ways!


                      Several ways to use the application.

                     1) Tag your friends on party photos

                     2) Write recipes on your home-made dishes

                     3) To annotate your observations at engineering sites.

                     4) Send your love messages within a beautiful photo.

                     5) Tag your favorite fashion.


Very Simple to Use!!


                 Photos from your library

                 Add texts anywhere you like

                 Free colors and shapes

                 Upload to Twitter, once.

                 Check photo's page views and comments


                                          >>> Click HERE for more details